Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I find that I have become a severe online shopper now.. I rarely go to the malls or stores to buy things anymore because of the convenience of the internet. Don't you hate it when you see something you really like online and you want to go to the store to buy it, but it's not there or in your size, colour, etc?! It drives me nuts.. Honestly, I hardly bother now. Instead, I sit at home and browse the internet all day and night (seriously) looking for things to buy. It's like shopping with tons of variety in front of you and being able to buy things from stores you don't have around you or even in your country! So anyways, my point is, shopping online can get quite pricey and with ALL the wonderful things out there for us to buy, especially during these harsh times when our pockets are empty.. I go to RETAILMENOT.COM to get coupon codes for practically ever site I buy from. This site is the best, its very organized and they divide expired coupons from ones that work. Trust me, you can save sooo much money from these codes its ridiculous!! ENJOY!! :)



  1. I've always been afraid of shopping online, but now I guess there's no reason why. :)

    &yes, that's happened to me before: going online and trying to find the item in the store only to find it non exsistent. It drives me inssannee.

    Thanks for the site tip! I will most definitely check it out. I looove sales and coupons even more. :)

  2. Me too - i am seriously addicted! :(


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