Thursday, October 8, 2009


UGH. Okay, so.. I have been using Bare Minerals (BM) foundation in "Light" for about 3+ years now and I didn't even realize it's been this long. I always thought it was just okay, but was never really completely satisfied with it. I guess I just kept purchasing it again and again because I was too lazy to find another brand. I decided to try out another brand because I never liked the way BM made my skin look, which is shiny and greasey. My skin is quite oily and will breakout here and there if I don't blot off the excess sebum often enough. It is also VERY sensitive.. I don't even sleep in mineral makeup even though people say its light and healthy enough to, I decided to try an alternative to BM and ordered some samples from Everyday Minerals (EDM). It is free if you order something else. I first tried the EDM sample kit in "Light" and when I received it.. it was way lighter than my BM light. So I bought something else to get another free sample kit in "Medium." Again, it seemed too light for me and not golden enough like my BM. I gave it one more shot and ordered the sample kit in "Olive." I was convinced this would be the right colour because I am Asian and we tend to have yellowy green skin tones. The closest colour to my BM foundation was the "Olive Medium" and it's still a little light I think. I am quite disappointed because I think EDM feels better on my skin and its a little more affordable. However, I really liked the colour match of the BM. Overall, I am not satisfied enough with either of these brands and I am setting out to try Laura Merciers mineral makeup because of the good reviews. Honestly, I think Bare Minerals makeup is overrated! What's the best mineral makeup brands for you guys? HELP ME!

Good selection in colours, reasonable price
BM CONS: Contains Bismuth (BAD), shiny and greasey formula, gets a little chunky on the skin after a long day, breakouts here and there

EDM PROS: Awesome sample kits to help you find your colour match, affordable, huge selection, comes in 4 different formulas
EDM CONS: Can't find my match, some colours make you look chalky


  1. I have been wearing ocean mist cosmetics since 3 years now and have been in love with it! give it a try girl! Also, LilyLolo does fab mineral makeup. Order samples from both and compare and m sure u'l def find ya shade =)

  2. I've been using bare minerals for about 2 years now and I think it is abslutely fantastic. The disappointment youre experiencing I'm sure has alot to do with your skin type, because it is very sensitive and like you say oily, mineral make-up probably isnt the best solution. I have combination skin, but I never get very oily, as alot of people I know experience it. My skin is pretty fair, its a bit sensitive but not to teh extreme. And i find bare minerals to be perfect sicne it does not irritate my skin, provides good coverage, and doesnt feel heavy or cakey.

    I hope that you end up finding a good alternative!

  3. Hi just want to say thanks for following me & I hope you enjoy xoxo

  4. I like bare minerals, and it seemed to work great even with my acne proned skin. Since I started using proactive (Which worked great btw.)My skin dries out easily, and the powder seemed to kind of clump up on the dry skin. My skin is sensitive as well, (certain cosmetics really irritate) so I started using MAC foundation, and have yet to break out from it. Its not natural, but I haven't had any issues with it. I also started washing my face with honey, (All natural) and my combination skin was less oily, not dry, and I've seen a great improvement. I hope you find something that works, Good luck.

  5. Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog:) And to answer your question- I wasn't wearing false lashes- but I have been using a lash stimulating product by the name of Lilash. You can find it on ebay. It's amazing stuff!


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