Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hey guys,
I got a zit on my chin last night, so I slathered on my pimple creams to make it go away. This morning the area was dry and flakey because of the benzoyl peroxide in the cream. Anyways, I remembered a trick I use to help conceal pimples a little better and kept reminding myself to blog about it. A pimple is never attractive and usually noticeable, even more noticeable when it is crusty at the same time lol. So, what I do is after I moisturize my face in the morning before putting on makeup, I pat on some of the Rosebud Salve on the pimply area that is crusty. After that, I conceal it with my Amazing Concealer (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW) and I'm good to go. It's a little trick I came across ages ago somewhere, I think it was a magazine or something, but it works and it definitely helps. Rosebud Salve is so handy and can be used for so many different things. I also use it on my cuticles. Great product that makes a great tip lol. Hope it helps anyone struggling with those nasty zits!

This product is somewhere around $8-10 for me at Sephora. It's seriously really good. I also use the strawberry lip balm from the Rosebud line as well for my lips everyday for YEARS and I am still in love with it!

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  1. I totally agree, this is one of my all-time favorite products... Great post :)


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