Tuesday, December 8, 2009


One day after wandering the Walmart aisles a few months ago, I came across the Biore Skin Preservations Fortifying Eye Cream. I remember that it was quite cheap for an eye cream.. probably about $6. This product claims to soften and smooth out the skin around your eyes.. Anyways, as you can tell by the picture, it is quite used up. I have probably been using it everyday for about 3 months straight. I was particularly intrigued by the Biore Skin Preservation line because I felt that I fit perfectly into their line, "Too old for acne, too young for wrinkles." This cream is very soft and thin, it is not thick at all and leaves no heavy feeling on the eyes. However, after all these months, I cannot notice any differences in my skin. The fine lines under my eyes don't look any smoother. I can't even tell if it makes the skin around my eyes significantly softer either. I continue to use the product for the heck of it, I guess just to finish off the product, but I will not repurchase it. I would give this product /5 because it doesn't break me out and its silky, but nothing more than that because I don't even think it does anything lol. If I had to say one thing about this product it would probably be "Don't bother!"

PROS: inexpensive, non-scented, smooth and silky
CONS: is this product gonna help me in anyway? don't think so :( booooo..

PS. Sorry about the picture quality. I have been using my cellphone to take all my pictures recently because my camera isn't working properly, sorry folks!

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