Monday, September 14, 2009

oh my GOSH!

ATTENTION BLOGGERS! For awhile now, I have had a serious obsession with finding the perfect waterproof eyeliner.. One that actually stays on if you were to go to the beach or swimming (Yes, I like to look good in the water), not just a waterproof eyeliner that would stay put for the day. I have gotten tired of going to the beach and coming out of the water looking like a raccoon and then not having eye makeup remover with me to clean it off. SIGH*
Well! Today is the day I finally found that special something. And it is the GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner. I'm not even exaggerating, but this eyeliner is "extremely waterproof" like the label says on the product and they are not lying. I tried this as a tester on my hand in the store and went to the washroom after to test how good it really was. It totally passed! I scrubbed and rubbed and it didn't even budge! I had to go back into the store and use an oil-based remover to get it off. I was super amazed, so I bought it. I put it on and went into the shower.. and.. Obviously it stayed completely the same! For $16CAD it is totally worth it! I feel so relieved to actually find something that I've needed for soooo long. I will probably go out and get more in case they decide to discontinue it or something lol. However, If you are a beginner at applying makeup or liquid liners, I DO NOT recommend you using this until you are familiar with it and have steady hands because I'm tellin ya, this is some good stuff! It also comes in tons of other colours, I think 12? Too bad I found this near the END of summer :(
I got this at Shoppers Drug Mart, but you can also purchase it online at


  1. Have you also tried the gel liners by MAC, Bobbi Brown, or Smashbox? They are pretty waterproof too and are a little more user-friendly since they aren't liquid.

    PS. SDM! Of course you must be Canadian! :)

  2. Yeah, its just never strong enough or something. But it smudges for me

  3. I have this, the turquoise one. It is a nightmate to apply but once on, it doesn't move!!

  4. I love this blog :-) I love the smash box waterproof also. xo They stay put.


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